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Resolved! Repeatable subform content in an html field

Hi, We are just starting out with GovService and have a question about whether this is possible? If a form contains a repeatable subform from a lookup integration is it possible to iterate through the returned rows in an html field for further custom...


It's Kate here from Lincolnshire County Council. We use EngagementHQ to help us engage with the public and staff. I'm keen to find out more about how we can increase engagement and improve representation.

Kate by Changemaker
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I work for Dudley MBC as a Digital Business Analyst, we will be working with Granicus for the first time to implement our new Digital Platform. Any advice and help would be really appreciated!

govService ongoing training

Thanks for leading us in Tuesday's discussion, it was definitely a great way to share our experiences. One of the items continuing to surface in my world is the idea of ongoing learning/training inside of the various Granicus tools we use -- specific...

Focus on efficiency and self-service

In recent years government agencies have been asked to accomplish more with fewer resources, so improving processes to save money is top of mind for many government leaders. Manual processes in government are costly and take time away from other impo...

RachaelT by Community Manager
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Transforming into a Digital City Hall

Government often relies on outdated, time-consuming processes. With a digital city hall, government can promote self-service to reduce the number of calls and walk-ins, saving time internally by moving processes online. Topics covered in the webinar ...

RachaelT by Community Manager
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Hi, wanting to know what your thoughts are on Real-Time reporting, and if you don't use it what have you implemented in place of the datadump. Thanks

Sefton22 by Changemaker
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360 Degrees of Community Involvement

Attending the 360 Degrees of Community Involvement webinar from our Digital Transformation series on Thursday, Feb. 9? Continue the conversation here about how to close the communication loop and provide insight into how the community views plans and...

RachaelT by Community Manager
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Hello from Sunny Aberdeen. I work for Aberdeen City Council. I have been using GovService for almost 6 years.

Resolved! Obtaining save link URL

I am wanting to obtain the link that is generated when a user saves progress on a form. Is there anyway to do this using an integration?

Approaches to a warning about LiveManager?

Hi all, I am wondering: are other users seeing the following warning for LiveManager, and if so, what--if anything--are you doing about it? I've been in touch with support about this, but I won't get into that right now. I'm curious to know if others...

BPXR99_16-1671732064445.png BPXR99_9-1671729916895.png BPXR99_10-1671729958758.png BPXR99_11-1671730140542.png
BPXR99 by Changemaker
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Make city/state fields static in form

Hi all! We are one of what I think is a handful of municipal governments that provide trash/sanitation service. We have set up our "sign up" form on the website. Sometimes the address field is coming in with different city and state information. I su...


Recently joined a UK County Council, working with Granicus for the first time. Loving the simplicity of Display Conditions.

Hello Everyone

Greetings from Miramar, Florida. My name is Madalyn Ramos and I am a Administrative Coordinator with Miramar Police Department Code Compliance Division. I have been with Miramar police department for 14 years. We recently completed the implementation...


Tom here from East Suffolk Council, a long-term Firmstep/Granicus house. Keen to find out more about the Granicus stable and what it can do to improve the customer experience.

CaseViewer Permissions

Within Dashboard we are currently able to set-up additional tabs (assigned to a specific Permission Group) and then anyone in that Permission group can access the tab. Within that tab, they can see and action all the cases for a specific process no m...

New to Public Records

Good afternoon,I am new to Public Records in Florida and I am at the 9th largest school district here. I would love to make connections especially if you are in Florida. I am trying to learn as much as I can. If there are any resources (classes that ...

gmrichard by Changemaker
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Filter for Duplicates in Service Index

Why does the Service Index duplicate only show the last 100 records, we have accounts I know are not duplicates and I know they are on the duplicate list but we cannot see them because the list only shows the last 100 possible duplicate accounts.Can ...

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