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Granicus Employee

This is part of a series aimed at improving your outcomes with govDelivery emails. Keep an eye on govCommunity for more helpful and informative ideas.


Continuity in your branding can help to promote familiarity and trust, leading to increased engagement. If your colors, fonts, graphics, and even the tone of your copy are continuous throughout your communications, your message will feel more coordinated, genuine and purposeful.



Here is a good example. Let’s say that you have a Parks & Rec department with a Trails page. You want people to be aware of current updates so they can make the best use of the resources and plan their visits ahead of time. So you decide to set up a signup overlay to promote your bulletin.


One of the first questions you may have is "What should it look like?" A few things to consider:

  • It should have some visual similarities to the email they will receive in their inboxes.
  • It should have a certain level of branding to it (here we have the city logo, with department name, and brown icons relating to the department).
  • Possibly include a visual cue about the subject matter (in this example, the hiker, trail, rocks background).


When the time comes to design the email, using those same graphics to build your bulletin – font, graphics and colors - makes it feel similar to how the signup feels.


Expand this concept across your various departments and you will begin to have a cohesive and consistent brand, where subscribers and visitors are more familiar with your overall look and feel, and develop strong trust in your brand and your communications.


If you don't have access to graphic designers, we are happy to help get some basic designs going for you. Submit a support ticket to request design assistance.


About the Author

Huck Tate is a govDelivery expert at Granicus, who spends much of his time helping Granicus customers design beautiful and effective email templates.