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Digital Accessibility

Community Manager
Community Manager


I'm so excited for next Thursday’s webinar on Digital Accessibility with Karen Pellegrine from the City & County Denver!

Personally, I remember rushing to learn as much as I could about accessibility in my former role at a county when we received a lawsuit for inaccessible PDFs on our website. There is so much to learn! It was a major process to figure out how to become more compliant, get buy-in from my leadership and colleagues, and try to create resources and awareness to keep the momentum going after our initial push.

I think it's pretty amazing that Denver put Karen in the position of a Digital Accessibility Coordinator. I can't wait to learn how she's using that opportunity to move the needle in her organization. I have a feeling there will be a lot of takeaways that other cities and counties can learn from and replicate!

For me, one of the most rewarding aspects was opening people's eyes to why accessibility mattered and the impact these efforts made in our community on a much wider range of people than many of us realize. I did some user experience testing that was really eye opening, so I'm very curious to hear what Karen has to say about that aspect in the webinar.

Anyone else have something specific they're looking to learn more about related to digital accessibility?