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North Dakota GovDelivery Process Automation and Improvement Webinar - December 13, 2022

Granicus Employee

Interested in how the State of North Dakota uses their Granicus govDelivery enterprise agreement?  Want to share ideas on how to create efficiencies and reach outreach targets with other govDelivery users?


Please watch the webinar and join the conversation with:

  • Carey Schreiner, State of North Dakota, govDelivery Product Owner
  • Cole Collard, Granicus Solution Consultant, and
  • Michelle Stephens, AICP, Granicus Account Executive

We'll share ways to help North Dakota agencies gain better engagement with streamlined and automated processes.


Granicus Employee

Today's webinar recording Driving Outcomes and Efficiency in Communication with GovDelivery with the State of North Dakota and Granicus.