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Two days left to apply for the 2022 Granicus Digital Government Awards!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Attention Communicators!


The Digital Government Awards are a great way to highlight your hard work in the eyes of your leadership and create a good news story about your organization. I know I always loved to be able to say I was part of an award-winning team 😁


So many of you are paving the way as innovators in digital government! This is your opportunity to showcase what you're doing and inspire others working toward the same goals to better serve their community.


Nominate yourself, a colleague, and/or your government/agency for the 2022 Digital Government Awards. When we recognize excellence, we not only give credit where credit is due, but we can also inspire others! And unlike other awards out there, there's no entry fee or cost to nominate!


Award Categories


  • Tech Trailblazer Award - For an organization charging forward with digital transformation
  • Innovator of the Year - For individuals who extend our definition of what’s possible
  • Website of the Year - For organizations that enhanced their website to meet the needs of modern citizens.
  • STR Compliance Award - For organizations that are making the short-term rental market work for everyone
  • Digital Efficiency Award - For organizations saving money, time, the planet — or all the above
  • Difference Maker Award - For organizations using digital methods to impact the lives of citizens
  • Digital Government Experience Award - For organizations that improved the end-to-end government experience for their residents, including information, online services, and ease of experience

Federal Award Categories


  • Communications Resilience Award - Federal organizations that best adapted their communications strategies to focus on digital
  • Most Impressive Subscriber Growth - Federal organizations that experienced a significant increase in digital communications subscribers
  • Digital Communications Innovator of the Year - Federal organizations that introduced innovative comms solutions to keep citizens (and staff) safe and informed


Nominations close on April 22. Learn more and apply now at