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Granicus Employee

This is part of a series aimed at improving your outcomes with govDelivery emails. Keep an eye on govCommunity for more helpful and informative ideas.


Offering Sharing Links Can Expand Your Audience

Sharing bulletins on social media can be a powerful tool to expand the spread of your content to audiences who aren’t currently subscribing to your bulletins. The govDelivery platform currently offers social sharing tools on all Public Bulletin Landing Pages, such as this one. You will see Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Email sharing options. Those links are helpful, but they are also buried on the Sharing page, so first you have to get someone to actually visit that page, then you have to get them to share. That is asking a lot of your subscribers.

Social Share Links Can Be Easy

To get started with the simple, easy option, just copy this block below, and paste it into your bulletin, and you will have social sharing links in the body of your email. Usually you will place them at the end of the email, as to not interrupt the flow of your content.


Share This Bulletin

share this bulletin on Facebook share this bulletin on Twitter share this bulletin on LinkedIn


Give it a try! Testing this can be a bit of a challenge as you will have to test it with a live send to a topic. I set up a testing topic with my email address as the only subscriber. The social share icons are linked to the VIEW_THIS_URL macro, which results in a link to the public bulletin landing page.


If you want something a bit more custom, then simply copy these links, and paste them into the link builder tool in govDelivery.




Share on Facebook[VIEW_THIS_URL]]

Share on Twitter[VIEW_THIS_URL]]

Share on Linkedin[[VIEW_THIS_URL]]




About the Author

Huck Tate is a govDelivery expert at Granicus, who spends much of his time helping Granicus customers design beautiful and effective email templates.