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Granicus Employee

This is part of a series aimed at improving your outcomes with govDelivery emails. Keep an eye on govCommunity for more helpful and informative ideas.


Best Practices

A common use of the image/text block is the thumbnail story type. Use a medium-sized H2 heading, a brief paragraph, and a single call to action. To get the best outcomes, I use these techniques…

  1. x1.pngPut the H2 heading on its own line, with a text block. This will make the heading easier to read on mobile devices, and easier to pick out when scrolling.
  2. Right-align the thumbnail image. This lets your reader move from text to text, rather than having to hunt for the text around the image.
  3. Use the right sized image. My rule of thumb is to use the default image size that you get once the image has been uploaded – this is about 185px wide and takes up around half of the width on a mobile device.
  4. Always use text-wrapping. This allows the text to flow around the image, and take up whatever room is available. If you don’t turn text-wrapping on, you will get some pretty messy mobile outcomes. Below you will see where you find the settings for text-wrapping and for image alignment in the image/text tool.



Common mistakes to avoid

Thumbnail image is too large squishing text on mobile


Didn’t turn text-wrapping on.




About the Author

Huck Tate is a govDelivery expert at Granicus, who spends much of his time helping Granicus customers design beautiful and effective email templates.