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For full access to the community - please don't forget to verify your email

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello All,
I have gotten this question from a few folks, so I wanted to post a note about this. Some parts of the community or specific features require that you have verified your email address. You should have received an email when you registered. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
Q: How do I confirm that my email address has been verified with the community?
A: To confirm the verification status of your email address:
  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Go to Settings > Personal  > Email > Email Verification Status.
Verified:  Your email is verified and you are all set.
Not Verified:  Your email is not yet verified; click "send me the confirmation email again."
If you need help, please feel free to email the admins at