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ASK US ANYTHING: Featuring Grand Rapids, MI; King County, WA; and Olathe, KS

Community Manager
Community Manager



Date: Tues, Feb 28
Time: 1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT
Duration: 45 min

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Are you interested in learning how to create interactive, engaging digital government experiences from your peers? If so, join us for an “Ask Us Anything” session on February 28 with:


All three presenters will be joining us live to answer any questions you might have about how they created modern, digital experiences for their residents. Participants will have a chance to ask anything they might want to know regarding their own projects or the presenters’ experiences.


After the webinar, we’ll continue the conversation with our panelists HERE in govCommunity. Post your questions below!


Meet Our Panelists


Angela Dore, Grand Rapids, MI

Grand-Rapids-MI-Angela-Dore-311-Customer-Service-Manager.jpgAngela Dore grew up in a small town about 40 miles north of Grand Rapids, MI. She spent several years in the banking industry after college working in customer service, risk management and accounting. She moved on to civil service with the City of Grand Rapids in 2011. She started as a customer service representative for the City of Grand Rapids Public Works department. Later, she had the unique opportunity to join the 311 Customer Service department as part of its initial launch team in 2013. She quickly moved through the ranks in 311 to become the department manager where she continues to serve. In 2018, the city revamped their website with an emphasis on creating a digital front door to City Hall and Angela served as a subject matter expert during that launch. She and her team continue to use the 311 interaction data to provide feedback, suggest enhancements, and propose new additions to those digital services.


Warren Kagarise, King County, WA

King County WA - Warren Kagarise - Digital Engagement Manager.jpgWarren Kagarise is the digital engagement manager for King County, WA, where he leads efforts to connect the nation’s 13th-largest county with 2.2 million residents via social media and other digital tools.

A former journalist, Warren’s career in public service started in 2013 when he served as communications coordinator for the City of Issaquah, WA.
Warren is a member of the Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) Board of Directors, a member of Nextdoor’s Public Agency Advisory Board, and past president of the Government Social Media Membership Council.


Scott Meyer, Olathe, KS

OlatheKS-Scott-Meyer-Digital-Programs-Manager.png Scott Meyer has more than a decade of experience in leading and implementing multi-level programs and strategies leveraging the ever-changing digital landscape. His interest in digital transformation began in collegiate athletics where he led the launch of the CAA Digital Network — a driver in building sports exposure, sponsorship assets and league-wide coverage. A career path change led him into public service but did not alter his vision for digital transformation. Since arriving at Olathe, Scott has guided the City through a strategic and phased change in digital content/service delivery and continues to look for ways to transform the customer experience.




Looking forward to joining Angela and Warren next week to talk all things digital experience in government!

Looking forward to the webinar!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Loving this discussion - let's hear from some of our attendees!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Another question I was going to ask but I'll pop it here:


What is one thing you're working on that you'd like to learn from your peers about?


The session was focused on you sharing insights with your peers, but like you all said - we're always improving! I'm curious what kind of best practices or insights you'd like to see from your peers.

Thanks, Rachael! Something that comes up frequently is how to best deliver translated messages to the community. I am interested in hearing more about how other agencies reach community members who may not speak English as their first language. (We've set up a Spanish-language Facebook page and webpages in various languages.)

Thanks for sharing this, @warrenkagarise. This is something I have also been really interested in learning more about, since I have had the chance to talk to several governments that are doing bilingual/multilingual comms at varying levels (or trying to figure out how to start!). I have been kicking around some ideas on how we can facilitate more knowledge sharing in this area - whether it's a webinar, a blog or guide, or even some kind of virtual discussion.


I'm curious if you'd get any responses if you shared this as a new thread on the Communicators Group. It would be great to see some sharing of examples and lessons learned on the community to be able to crowdsource some of those insights.


Community Manager
Community Manager

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