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How do you prevent engagement fatigue when you have a lot of projects to engage on?

Community Manager
Community Manager


This was a good question and I'm a little disappointed to see no reply. However, I'll share mine in case it helps someone else. It might seem counterintuitive, but the answer is simple: disengage. You still a break whether to breath and do some quick floor yoga or, of course, work on a more pressing project that requires your undivided time to think. Determine what's the priority on which you need to focus and let that be your guide. You can always follow-up, if you like, with the person/group that set the meeting up for a recap. Preferably, plan ahead if you think you won't attend and that way you can give the courtesy upfront that you would still like to be included for any recaps or action items. Re-engage when you’re ready. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your thoughts, Jameelah. I like your comment on planning ahead, I have to agree. I think it's really important to set a robust Engagement Strategy at the start of the year which outlines all of your major projects for the next 12-months. Of course, there are always going to be those projects that pop up throughout the year that you did not plan on, but it is much easier to reduce that engagement fatigue with a solid plan. 

I also think some solid internal guidelines to support other departments and staff which outlines a recommended timeline for engagement projects helps them make a decision on when and how to engage.  

Keen to hear your thoughts.