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Note: Data Dumps may not be fully exported every day but should be pick up from the last “save point” and be re-exported on subsequent nights until a successful export is achieved. This processing will ultimately complete and can be used for reporting purposes at a later date. 


For this reason, we strongly recommend customers do not base any time–constrained or business-critical functionality around the Data Dump. These processes would be best suited by using an Integration instead for faster and more efficient data retrieval. 

From there, you should be able to test your agency’s “af-data-dump" System via Integrations Manager space to make sure there’s no connection issue between govService and where your office locally stores Data Dump information.


Make sure that there are no typos or other causes for the connection to fail in its settings: 




It may also be worth double-checking that the data is appearing in the correct table it should be assigned to, e.g. customer data vs. Forms data: 

We can also double-check our internal logs to make sure that there was no timeout or other errors reported from the receiving side for the Data Dumps and/or re-run the Data Damps to manually prompt the system before the nightly processes – we usually try to do this during off-peak hours. To request either of these options after cross-checking internal settings, please raise a Support ticket and we can process that request.

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