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Google Analytics is used to gather and maintain website traffic data for govAccess websites. This is typically integrated during the Implementation phase of the govAccess website deployment with a Universal Analytics key. The data gathered is accessed directly from the Google Analytics platform.


*For Google Analytics Universal Property Only*


To access the analytics data, please go to Google Analytics and log in using the Google user account that has permissions for Google Analytics.


This user account was likely established during the Implementation phase of your site deployment. If the user who has access to the analytics account cannot be identified, please submit a case to Granicus Support and we can attempt to recover an existing user or add a new user. If the user is unable to be recovered and Granicus is unable to create a new user for the account, you will need to contact Google Support to regain access to the account, or create a new Universal Analytics property to add to the site to begin tracking data again.


Once you have logged in and reached the Analytics Dashboard, you can begin to explore the data that has been gathered from the site. Please visit Google’s Analytics Help Center for articles regarding navigating the analytics platform.


To update the Google Analytics property that is applied to the site in the CMS, please log in to the govAccess CMS, and go to:


  1. “Configurations”> “System Variables”
  2. Locate the variable “Google Analytics Key” variable and select “Edit”
  3. Update the value to the desired Universal Analytics key/tracking code (UA-XXXXXXXX-X)
  4. Save when ready




What is Google Analytics 4, and should I create this property?


Google Analytics 4 is Google’s most recent analytics property that provides additional features apart from the current Universal Analytics property. As Google has been updating their processes, we are working to accommodate these changes. We are currently not adding the Google Analytics 4 Measurement IDs or gtag.js (Google Tag Manager for Universal Analytics) codes to govAccess sites due the break in data that could occur when our teams implement a global integration of the Google Analytics 4 code for the CMS.

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