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I am getting an “Oh no! A valid user UCRN is required to perform this action - please contact your administrator” error when using Case Viewer. What can I do to stop this?

This error is caused because of a UCRN mismatch - this can be double-checked in Permissions Manager to make sure that the correct UCRN is being used for the admin in question. 

To troubleshoot this further, you will need to provide the below response in a Support ticket for further investigation: 

  • Log into https://[YOURSITE] (US) or https://[YOURSITE] (UK & Ireland) 
  • Then, open a new browser tab and go to https://[YOURSITE] (US) or https://[YOURSITE] (UK & Ireland) 
  • Next, copy & paste the results the user sees on the screen  

The response will look similar to the response below:  

{"auth-session":"XXXX","cookie-domain":"","is_authenticated":true,"auth_name":"google_admin","user_id":"","user":{"auth_name":"google_admin","auth_type":"google","user_id":"","name":"Firmstep Admin","email":"","attributes":{"ucrn":"#####1687"},"UCRN":"#####1687","AFID":"####"},"logout":"https:\/\/\/authapi\/logout","attributes":{"ucrn":"#####1687"}}  

This response should show as “is_authenticated” being set to “true”, as well as each of the login method(s) and Work Groups assigned to the user. If you could include that information in the Support ticket for each of the users encountering this issue, that will be helpful for us to see what is going on. 

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