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If you're publishing a content update to a public page on your website, and that updated content is not showing for you (or its showing for you but not other users) - you may need to purge your sites cache in the CDN.

How do I use the “Purge CDN Cache” function?

If Granicus hosts your site, your site is on the Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN contains a cached version of your pages and content in order to avoid long loading times of your pages and content for your users. This cache refreshes at a specific interval to update the CDN content to the most recent version from our servers. The “Purge CDN Cache” function forces the cache to refresh, so content will be up to date across all of our servers and available to all your users.


  1. Log in to the CMS
  2. Go to "Configurations"> "Purge CDN Cache"
  3. You can purge the cache for specific URLs: type/paste the full URL(s) into the field (include https://www in the URL) and click "Submit Purge"



Please do not perform the cache purge repeatedly during a short time. If you perform a purge, please wait at least 15 minutes before attempting it again, if needed.


If you are still not seeing the update to the content on the site after completing the purge, please submit a case to Grancius Support indicating the affected page and the content that was updated that is not reflecting on the live site.

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