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A user is saying that they have been charged for payment but we are unable to see their case reference or number in Dash. How do I find this “missing” payment?  


A customer may contact the council to ask why they have not received a paid-for service or renewal. There are some cases where a payment has been successful taken by the payment vendor, but a response has not been returned to the Granicus platform’s integration logs. The case remains in incomplete ("limbo”) status and the service request or purchase is not seen as being made or Payment Completed in the logs.  


In these instances, we are unable to associate the payment to the case without manual intervention via Payments Admin. An admin user will need to go to the Payment Admin and confirm with the integrations logs that match with the citizen’s reference number(s) that the payment was successful or manually process via Abandoned Payments.  


Auto-reconciliation is a feature that helps catch these types of payments and perform automatic checks.  

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