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Data Dump failure and how to test to confirm

Note: Data Dumps may not be fully exported every day but should be pick up from the last “save point” and be re-exported on subsequent nights until a successful export is achieved. This processing will ultimately complete and can be used for reportin...


"Missing" Payments

A user is saying that they have been charged for payment but we are unable to see their case reference or number in Dash. How do I find this “missing” payment? A customer may contact the council to ask why they have not received a paid-for service or...

How can I remove an account in Self?

Please confirm why you are raising this request: a citizen might cite their “Right to be forgotten” which is a right guaranteed by GDPR which all councils and government agencies must comply with vs. removing a duplicate profile for the same user or ...

I have found duplicate users in govService - how do I merge them?

Two customer records can be merged via the Index tab within your Customer Service Hub. This is useful when duplicate accounts have been identified as being the same customer, but must be used with caution as unmerging accounts after-the-fact is typic...

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