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Repeatable Nested Subform in PDF integration

Good afternoon all.I have a process that allows for bulk approval. Im having difficulty creating a PDF integration with a page per record approved - as the bulk approval has nested subform. eg subform 1 is a record per employee, each record then has ...

fmcgovern by New Contributor
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Real time reporting - tabular reports?

Hi all. We're going live with some new services and are now starting to use Realtime reporting. We have Tableau for dashboards / graphical display - but - I'd like to know what you'd suggest for tabular style reporting - where it can be easily provid...

Issues with date validation on iOS 15.4.1

Just wondering if other customers are experiencing an issue whereby forms with date fields are erroring when accessed using iPhones running latest iOS (15.4.1) ? And more to the point if anyone has found a good working fix for this issue. Unfortunate...

WillV by New Contributor II
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FillTask appending to a field

Hi,Is it possible to append a value from a FillTask integration onto the end of a field? For example, a payload a bit like this:{ "case_id": "{caseReference}", "stage_name": "{stageName}", "data": { "textField": "{textField current value} and append ...

Case Viewer issues

We have had an issue with CaseViewer for over a week now. We have been rolling it out to some users and so are parallel running with Dashboard and noticed a discrepancy between the two system. We have reported this to Granicus but just wondered if an...

SueSimpson by New Contributor II
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Real-Time Reporting

Hi All, For those of you who have set-up Real Time Reporting, did you encounter an issue where there was no data in the 'submission_data' table? I have set up mapping for a couple of processes and 'Saved and migrated' but am still not getting any dat...

Resolved! Contact Us - file size limits

I've just submitted a request to increase the maximum file size for customer attachments in Contact Us (part of MyServices). Currently it's set to 5MB per file - but this is significantly smaller than most photos taken on a phone. We've had a custome...

SBarratt by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Where can I find Documentation?

Hi, Where can I find documentation on how to do advanced customisations with govService? Example: how to apply branding i.e. html, css, how to interface with other websites using APIs, examples of rules? I couldn't find tutorials / examples via googl...

cf by New Contributor
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govService Form Analytics

Hi all, After working with govService for some time now, I noticed there is one key feature missing - the ability to tracking form interaction, impressions and conversion. I found that traditional analytic tools (google analytics) are a little compli...

wfMike by New Contributor
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Granicus University Webinars

Granicus University is a series of product-specific webinars that cover standard workflows, recent releases, tools, tips, and tricks to help you get more out of your Granicus products. You can sign up for upcoming webinars and watch past recorded web...

bweninger by Granicus Employee
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Repeatable subforms.. is it time for V2?

At Waltham Forest, we are heavy users of repeatable subforms. Whether it’s capturing data about people living in a household, returning information about waste and recycling collections at a property, or allowing customers to add chargeable products ...

Welcome to our Get Help Section!

Hello and welcome to the “Get Help” section of govCommunity! This is an area where users and administrators of any of our Granicus software solutions can ask questions, and get answers from other users in the community, as well as guidance from Grani...

ErnieG by Community Manager
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How do I create a Friendly URL Redirect?

A super user or non-super user assigned to a Security Role that contains the “Friendly URL Redirect” permissions can create friendly URL redirects. Step 1 Log in to the CMS and click on “Configurations”> “Friendly URL Redirect”. Select “Add Friendly ...

GranicusSupport_0-1623131814650.png GranicusSupport_1-1623131878521.png

Data Dump failure and how to test to confirm

Note: Data Dumps may not be fully exported every day but should be pick up from the last “save point” and be re-exported on subsequent nights until a successful export is achieved. This processing will ultimately complete and can be used for reportin...


"Missing" Payments

A user is saying that they have been charged for payment but we are unable to see their case reference or number in Dash. How do I find this “missing” payment? A customer may contact the council to ask why they have not received a paid-for service or...

How can I remove an account in Self?

Please confirm why you are raising this request: a citizen might cite their “Right to be forgotten” which is a right guaranteed by GDPR which all councils and government agencies must comply with vs. removing a duplicate profile for the same user or ...

I have found duplicate users in govService - how do I merge them?

Two customer records can be merged via the Index tab within your Customer Service Hub. This is useful when duplicate accounts have been identified as being the same customer, but must be used with caution as unmerging accounts after-the-fact is typic...

ErnieG by Community Manager
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