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Rapid Response for govService Users Thanks to New Realtime Reporting 


For governments and councils around the country and the world, access to data is a vital part of making effective decisions that lead to impactful governance. Being able to rapidly interact with important information, put it in proper context, and report on its significance is an ongoing goal for staffs at all levels. 


Despite robust digitization efforts and years of experience, many governments unfortunately lack a clear, timely view into their processes due to limitations with front line/back-office systems. That means a lack of access to accurate and up-to-date reporting data. As a result, they are often prevented from making timely data driven service decisions, resulting in less efficient services and reduced customer satisfaction.  


Granicus understands and appreciates the need for increased access to not only data but the insights that data provides. That’s why we’re introducing Realtime Reporting, a new feature of our govService product that will help provide near instant insight into what is happening within customers’ service processes. Realtime Reporting will enable councils to identify and resolve process bottlenecks quickly, optimize workflows, and allocate resources effectively. 


While govService already delivers great efficiencies to governments around the country, this new standard service provides even more data and better insight into how to improve the way governments serve residents, with an eye toward more efficient operation and enhanced customer service. 


Realtime Reporting gives govService customers the ability to view what is happening within their service processes at a granular level. It connects to modern reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, BI Powerplay, and many more Amazon Redshift-supported solutions.  


The result is industry-leading reporting capabilities. All data captured within bespoke govService forms and processes is available for insight reporting. External data sets from other lines of business systems and even demographic data sets can be brought in, enabling multiplatform organization-wide reporting. With Realtime Reporting, organizations have true insight across your end-to-end services.  



govService Realtime Reporting will be available for UK customers at the end of July 2021 (and for US customers about one month later) and will eventually replace the existing data dump feature. While the existing data dump won’t sunset until end of 2022, customers should start using and transitioning to Realtime Reporting feature as soon as possible. 


Data will be housed in Granicus’ dedicated reporting infrastructure with near real-time access available to create bespoke reports that span all data captured within custom govService forms and processes, including:  

  • Number of cases logged, in progress, and completed 
  • Cases by type 
  • Cases by channel (telephony, face to face, self-service etc.) 
  • Cases by assignment 
  • Cases by stage 
  • Completion times across stages and cases 
  • SLA performance 
  • And many, many more.  




Where users previously were only offered a once-per-day bulk data download, thanks to Realtime Reporting, they can now enjoy a near real-time access to data that easily moves between visualization tools or into visualization through govAccess. Here are some examples of how organizations can leverage this power. 


In this example, a waste department can track not only the number of open cases but see almost immediately which tasks related to cases have been assigned and at what stage each case currently stands. This can allow for a more responsive approach to both staff time allocation and resident requests.  


The flexibility of the Realtime Reporting tool also allows for bespoke reports that meet the specific needs of an organization. In this case, a report skewed toward a user-focused visualization of numbers helps contextualize engagement issues, user groups with most issues, and the top 10 issues that are being requested through digital services. 


Higher level reports also benefit from Realtime Reporting, as trend reports can be manipulated by category (in this case via a pull-down selection at the top of the dashboard) but still reflect data that is reported in near real-time. 


What’s next? 

Customers who choose to do so can begin using Realtime Reporting from the end of July 2021 (end of August 2021 for US customers). Real time reporting will work in parallel alongside the existing nightly data download, which will continue to be available until the end of 2022. However, we strongly recommend customers begin taking advantage of and transferring  their reporting needs to the Realtime Reporting solution, with the goal of completing all transfer activities before the end of 2022.