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Granicus Employee

Here are some of the new feature enhancements and other important updates you may have missed.


New and Improved From Address Management

Account Administrators now have the ability to edit the Display Name and Topic Assignments of their existing From Addresses.  In addition, they also now have the ability to copy an existing From Address in order to create a new Display Name.


Note:  Admins can alter the Display Name as well as topic assignments but can not edit the email address. To create a new From Address or modify the email address of an existing From Address, contact the Granicus Support Team.


To access your From Addresses:

  • Click Account Settings
  • On the right-hand side, click From Addresses 

To update the Display Name for a From Address:

  • Click the Display Name you wish to update.
  • Edit the Display Name
  • Click Save.

To Copy a From Address:

  • Click Copy From Address to the right of the From Address.
  • Here you can update the Display Name, select to make it the Default Address, or select to Limit to Specific Topics
  • If Limit to Specific Topics is checked, you are able to assign that From Address to specific Topics. Once you select Limit to Specific Topics and Save the From Address, that page re-loads and you can now edit topic selection by clicking the Topics tab that will appear once the page re-loads.


Analyze Your TMS Email Sending with the TMS Analytics Dashboard Report 

To help you better analyze your TMS email sending, we have launched the TMS Analytics Dashboard Report. Granicus' Targeted Messaging Service (TMS) is an additional tool in the govDelivery communications suite that allows you to send personalized 1-to-1 messages to citizens. These messages can include benefit decisions, tax statements, key notices, thank you messages, etc., all the while using our secure, FedRAMP-certified systems.  With this report, Account Administrators will see an overview of delivery and engagement metrics for all email sending, as well as the detailed view of the performance behind individual email subject lines that were sent.  To learn more about the report and where to access it, click the Support article here.

Excited to add the Targeted Messaging Service Analytics Dashboard to your email analysis? We encourage you to contact Granicus Support Team to activate this report for your govDelivery account at no additional cost.


Email Details.jpg


Stay Connected with govCommunity  

If you haven't already, we encourage you to join govCommunity. This is our collaborative community where you can discuss, learn and share with each other and our internal experts.  govCommunity is a space where we seek to make government work better for everyone.  The mission of this online community is to provide a peer-to-peer and direct support channel of government staff and leaders using Granicus products and services, as well as peers in government who want a space to collaborate with others.  You will be able to join discussions, see the latest product news and search for community groups.


Grow your Knowledge with Granicus University 

Every month, Granicus University offers a series of product-specific webinars that cover standard workflows, recent releases, tools, tips, and tricks to help you get more out of your Granicus products.  To see the full list and times of available Webinars, click here


The govDelivery Suite webinars include:

  • Administrator Training: This training will benefit administrators of all levels and will focus on day-to-day operations (topic creation, subscriber upload, advanced bulletin personalization and creation, and bulletin analytics reporting). 
  • Feature Focus: This training will benefit administrators of all levels.  Each session focuses on a specific feature.
  • Advanced Package Training: This training will review Campaigns functionality, including A/B Testing, Welcome Campaigns, Drip Campaigns, and Re-Engagement Campaigns.  They will also review the Segmentation feature.
    (Note: Advanced Package for govDelivery is an optional feature. If your organization is interested in accessing this advanced feature, contact Support or your Client Success Consultant). 

If you are unable to attend the session during the specified time, we have our Granicus University Webinar Library which features many of our past recorded webinars on demand.


As always, please refer to our Support site at if you have any questions. You can check out user guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips, or open a case if you need assistance.


Kind regards, 

The Granicus Product Release Team