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Community Manager


Below you'll find a summary of all features and fixes for govService that were implemented over the Q1 period of 2022. These improvements not only include new features that have been planned in advance but also Security Fixes, UI & UX improvements, Performance and Stability improvements and reactive resolutions of issues that get raised by our customers. For a more detailed view of the improvements/fixes please navigate to our support page (link at bottom of page), where individual releases can be reviewed. For quicker discovery though, the release version has also been appended to the end of each item.


What’s new, improved, or fixed?



  • FIX – An issue has been resolved that prevented the deletion of a user’s key/pass from within the Permissions Manager. (494)


  • Deadline dates now take the users time zone into account. (495)
  • FIX - An issue has been resolved that prevented some cases from being displayed. (495)
  • FIX - An issue has been resolved that caused summary generation to fail for the final task within a case. (497)
  • ‘Case Due’ alerts have been updated to make them accessible for screen-reader users. (497)

Customer Service Hub

  • New Alert icons are now available (493), these include:
    • Gaelic speaker
    • MP/MSP
    • Contact Police before visit
    • Do not interview if client appears inebriated
    • Interview only with a social worker
    • No emails to personal inboxes
    • No female to visit property
    • No home visits
    • No male to visit property
    • Pre-arranged contact only
  • FIX - An issue has been resolved that caused an inaccurate history of Citizens email address changes to be shown. (496)


  • Hidden fields can now be styled using CSS. (492)
  • The ‘Upload’ field and its associated label is now more clearly defined. (492)
  • Validation has been added into the process name when importing said ‘process’, preventing bugs that could be caused by invalid space characters. (492)
  • Screen-read users can now ‘tab’ to read-only via the keyboard alone. (493)
  • Improved search performance by now waiting for three characters to be inputted instead on one, three seconds to elapse, or by the user pressing Enter. (493)
  • The loading speed of ‘Short URLs’ has been increased. (495)
  • The zoom level limit with the Google Maps integration as now been removed, allowing for a greater zoom, more specific drop markers, therefore reducing errors during the reporting process. (497)


  • Users can now only trigger a search within the integration logs by clicking Enter. This reduction in actions increases the performance and speed of the search. (492)
  • Stability and performance improvements have been made to integration log searching to help reduce load times and crashes when large amounts of data are present. (492)
  • A date filter has been added to the integration logs to reduce the amount of data when searching, therefore reducing the amount of time taken to receive a result. (495)
  • A new permission has been created to control access to the response/request data found within the integration logs. (495)


  • FIX - An issue has been resolved that if enabled, caused Civica Estore to not return the same data as Civica Paylink. (492)
  • FIX - An issue has been resolved that caused metadata from Gov Pay to not be passed to the payment provider. (492)


  • The Capita Connect within the Citizen Portal is now available in Welsh. This is automatically selected based on the user’s current settings. (493)
  • A session timeout warning has been reintroduced within the Citizen and Staff Portals. (495)

Realtime Reporting

  • An export option has been added to the Global Mappings screen, allowing for a CSV to be exported and analysed within third party tools. (493)
  • Twelve submission mapping fields have been replaced with custom text fields to allow more flexibility when mapping submission forms to Redshift. (493)
  • An additional eighteen custom text fields have also been added to the submission data for use when mapping submission forms into Redshift. (493)
  • FIX - An intermittent issue has been resolved where submission data for custom_long_text was not migrated into Redshift. (494)
  • A selection of custom mapping fields is now sorted into an alphanumeric order. (494)
  • The user_account and user_login_history tables now include the user email address. (494)
  • A new ‘Field Deleted’ column has been added to the Global and Process mapping screens, allowing to differentiate between active and deleted fields within the mapping table. (496)


  • Optimisations for the ‘MyAccounts’ tab have been made to increase performance. (492)
  • FIX - An issue has been resolved that caused some users to be unable to view data within MyAccounts. (493)
  • MyServices now includes the ability to save its state for sites using the ‘New Queue Processor’. (494)

UI Improvements

  • A selection of error messages has had their styling updated to match the style throughout the platform. (494)


  • We have updated the Solutions FTP XREF/People report to be compatible with the 'Update' type, and improved logging telemetry. (493)
  • FIX - An issue has been resolved that prevented files to be downloaded if a comma was present within their name when uploaded. (494)
  • Automated test coverage has been increased, improving the quality and reliability.
  • Performance improvements have been made throughout the platform.


For an overview of all release notes, please navigate to the relevant support page.


If you have any issues, then please contact us via our ‘Contact Support’ page, by direct messaging us via our chat service, or during customer calls.


Note: Each release gets rolled out at 21:00 GMT/BST within the UK every two weeks, and 10:00 GMT/BST the following Tuesday within the US. There is usually no loss of service as part of this Scheduled Engineering work, but if we expect a transient loss of Service to occur this will be within the opening 1 hour window of the release. To notify of this an advisory will be present within the release notes prior.