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Amanda Copy Child-Spreadsheet function


Hello. I'm having issues with the "Copy Child-Spreadsheet" function in AMANDA 7, which I've used in the past to create many address records (often hundreds at a time) for new subdivisions without needing to manually edit each one. In the previous version of AMANDA, I was able to add all needed information for each record from the "Copy Child-Spreadsheet" function, but in AMANDA 7, there are limited columns and no apparent option to add other fields (the second attached screenshot shows the "Add/Remove Columns" window, which only lets me turn off some of the existing fields). I'm requesting either an explanation if there's something I'm missing, or a feature update so that, at minimum, the Prefix, Street Name, Street Type, Unit Type, Unit Number, City, and County fields can be edited from the "Copy Child-Spreadsheet" function.
The names of the "Zoning 2", "Zoning 3", "Zoning 4", "Zoning 4", and "Lot#" columns (seen in the first attached screenshot) also do not reflect the field they actually correspond with; they instead respectively correspond to the Subzone, Lot, Block, Map Page, and Ord fields.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ray, thanks for joining the community! I recommend posting this question in the Amanda Customers group, where you'll find many of your peers who use Amanda as well as Granicus staff who may be able to help you with this. I've sent you an invite to the group 😀