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Anybody having problems FillTask API's not activating integrations?


We have a few forms that are using the FillTask API. In one case we have a third party sending back a 'complete' status. In this case we send the information to third party software, then once this has been completed it sends back a 'complete' to the process. However, we have a Close Case API which is supposed to trigger (via the integration rules) once a field has been populated with 'Complete'. The 'Close case' APi is not activating.

Another case we have is the 'community enquiry process'. This is completed, then once submitted it then AutoFills individual  'individual enquiry processes'. We have 2x email integrations that are used to notify staff. When we use the 'Individual enquiry process' this works, however the email integrations do not run when using the the AutoFill API.

Just wondered if anyone else has seen this problem and what fix is available?