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Case Viewer issues

Changemaker II

We have had an issue with CaseViewer for over a week now. We have been rolling it out to some users and so are parallel running with Dashboard and noticed a discrepancy between the two system. We have reported this to Granicus but just wondered if anyone else is having issues?


Changemaker III

Hi there. Yes, we're experiencing the same problems here in Sandwell. We have three outstanding showstopper issues with support that until resolved we're not comfortable to progress with the deployment of Casviewer. When asked is Granicus would be moving the publsihed sunset date, their response was "As this doesn’t impact all customers we will not be moving the published sunset date, however, recognising the impact on a limited number of clients such as yourselves we’d be able to extend the sunset on a case by case basis." Hope this helps. If it would help to talk through associated issues/experiences we in Sandwell would be happy to catch up. The impact of replacing Dashboard with something less reliable is just too great for us given the influence and numbers of associated users. 


Have you managed to get case viewer working?

Yes we have got it working. The issue of differences between CaseViewer and Dashbaord has now been resolved. We have another issue logged though where the Case Due Date is not always populated. We think this could be something to do with cases that are saved part way through the initial stage.



We are about to test this at Corby & North Northants Councils

I hope it goes well for you.