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FillTask appending to a field



Is it possible to append a value from a FillTask integration onto the end of a field? 

For example, a payload a bit like this:

   "case_id": "{caseReference}", 
   "stage_name": "{stageName}",
   "data": {
"textField": "{textField current value} and append something to the end of the text"
}, "ucrn": "{ucrn}", "published": "true", "submissionType":"new", "formCalculator": "true"

I've got a field that's a log of previous interactions and would like to add data from an external system into it if it's possible. It's a repeated stage so putting the data into another field isn't an option. 




Changemaker II

you could possibly do it with an integration - I've found this is a way you can update already populated fields in forms.

Add {additionalTextField} to your target form and push your new text to be appended into that field via filltask api


create an integration to a SQL server (doesn't need any tables so any server will do) and have an integration that runs something like this:
select {textfField} + ' '+{additionalTextField} as textField

and set that to run on an autolookup within the target form. 

That should then return {textField} back to the form with the new text added



That works thanks!

Is there any way of getting it to push into a subform field, like

{subForm/textField}+''+{additionalTextField} as subForm/textField

I've tried every combination of [] '' {} \/ that makes sense but none of them seem to work. I'm just not sure how to reference subform fields.

Not sure - but probably easiest to have the autolookup running inside the subform in that case and take the value form the parent form