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Filter for Duplicates in Service Index


Why does the Service Index duplicate only show the last 100 records, we have accounts I know are not duplicates and I know they are on the duplicate list but we cannot see them because the list only shows the last 100 possible duplicate accounts.

Can we not either have a way to filter by account name / email address for the accounts or allow us to have pages so we can check more than the top 100 accounts. I try to keep on top of the duplicates however as particular times of the year we get influx of account and inevitably a proportion are duplicate account.

We contact the customers to check why they have created a new account and if the other account can be merged but on a number of occasions they do not respond for a few weeks and by then the account have disappeared from the top of the lists. I know we cannot be the only users with this issue.


I know the reason however it is frustrating when you have customers who have multiple accounts for various reasons and you want to mark then as not duplicates but they are not appearing due to others where customer will not respond but are still using multiple accounts.  for example we have one landloard with some 5 accounts we have asked him if we can merge them and add the addresses so they can be selected from one account with no replys, that 15 permutations so our duplicate list has the 15 of the 100 taken up with just 1 customer out of our 500 we believe some 200 need to be set to not duplicate but we cannot get to them