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Issues with date validation on iOS 15.4.1

Changemaker II

Just wondering if other customers are experiencing an issue whereby forms with date fields are erroring when accessed using iPhones running latest iOS (15.4.1) ? And more to the point if anyone has found a good working fix for this issue. 

Unfortunately it seems to affect hidden and Read-only fields too and is causing a bit of an issue for us with our customer services team having to undertake progressively more and more transactions on behalf of customers who cannot use forms on their iPhones.

See attached error on one of our forms - there are some hidden and RO date calculation fields that throw errors when using iOS 15.4.1 (regardless of browser used)

Granicus have acknowledged this and are working on a fix - but as yet haven't offered any indication of timescales, so I'm thinking we may have to re-engineer some of our busier forms as a working fix.

I'm really reluctant to change field types to text - as dates are tricky enough to deal with at the best of times when integrating with other systems. Has anyone else worked around this?


Changemaker III

Yes, we at Carmarthenshire are experiencing this too.  We had already changed the date types to text but this still hasn't resolved the issue for us.  We have a call logged with support but as yet they have not been able to provide a timescale on resolution.