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Real time reporting - tabular reports?

Changemaker III

Hi all. 

We're going live with some new services and are now starting to use Realtime reporting. 


We have Tableau for dashboards / graphical display - but - I'd like to know what you'd suggest for tabular style reporting - where it can be easily provided to multiple users.


We have many regulatory reports required - and - previously the likes of SQL or Excel would have been used to source and manip8ulate the data.  Any suggestions appreciated.


Many thanks.




Changemaker II

We use powerBI Server internally - as long as you're appropriately licensed for SQL (Generally SQL server Enterprise with SA) you can use it at no additional cost. 

It's much the same set-up as SSRS  - but here's the thing :  Because there is no native redshift connector on the server edition - we've downloaded the AWS Redshift ODBC connector and we use that instead. - I have to caveat slightly - it works for the limited reports we've created/published, but we'ver really only scratched the surface so far.


You will need to install the ODBC driver on your report developer machines(s) as well as your powerBI Server(s).

As it's an ODBC connector - this apprach might even work with SSRS - but I've not tried that .

the driver is available from links here : 


Good luck!

Many thanks for responding WillV. 

I've been looking at the connector you've mentioned - and - seen that it does indeed work.  Our Granicus colleagues have tried to steer me away from using that for some reason that I cannot fully understand.  It gladdens me to hear someone else is using similar methodology. 


I've also been using that connector to pull the data down into SQL using SSIS jobs.  I hit an issue with the connection dropping - but - not sure if that's a server issue at my side or not as yet.


Thanks again.