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Unable to access Granicus videos while outside the United States


I am a United States citizen currently overseas in China.


I need to watch various public agency meetings (such as this one) hosted on Granicus for my work. 


Like many foreign websites, Granicus does not work in China. I use a VPN service to evade China's internet controls. However, even even with a strong internet connection and a functioning VPN, Granicus still does not work for me in China.


This is strange, because using my VPN I am able to successfully access all other foreign websites. Granicus is the only one that does not work. I get an error message that says "Network error, please refresh the page and try again" (see screenshot below). I refresh the page several times and get the same error message each time.


Why is this?


What can I do to solve this problem and get Granicus to work for me in China?


Thank you. 


Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 8.15.52 AM.png