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Uploads to Sharepoint? Has anyone got it working?


Hi everyone,


I have followed the setting up a Sharepoint integration and, as far as the integration is concerned, it appears to be working fine - the integration logs are showing a success.


However, when I navigate to the folder location within Sharepoint, the file upload is not there.  I remain hopeful that the issue is relating to folder paths.  This is because the documentation suggests the base Folder will be Documents.  However, I note that the folder path when navigating along the browser has Shared Documents.  I have tried different permutations but I am not having success.  I am curious if anyone else has had success and what was your method.


Many thanks





Changemaker III

Hi there,


Sorry for the late reply, you may be sorted by now anyway, but I thought I'd share our experience.  After much trial and error with the entries in the Site Url, Base Folder and File Path boxes, we got the following to work.


Site Url:


Base Folder:



File Path


Upload Field Token


You should then find that the integration will create a folder "on the fly" within the Parking folder with the case ref as the name, and put any associated documents in that folder.  


e.g. if you paste something like this into your browser, you'll see all the associate files for the case


From what I can recall, you had to be incredibly careful to specify (or not to specify) the / at the end of each folder,