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Good Morning - NHS and Local Authority colleagues


Hi everyone, I had the pleasure of speaking at the govCommunityLive conference yesterday in London, and am still feeling energised from the discussions and enthusiam in the room. I hope there are lots of NHS colleagues on here, and that we can all start working more collaboratively in our ICB/ICS.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community! We're excited to keep the momentum going here. I recommend also hopping into the Communicators and Engagement groups to connect with other practitioners in those areas.

Changemaker II

Thanks for your segment, Julia, I found it enlightening. Does anyone know if the resources, slides, contacts etc from yesterday have been uploaded here?

Hi Tom,

Thanks for joining us. The slides will be uploaded shortly and I will ask our marketing team to confirm whether we can share a list of attendees.
Best regards,


Thanks @Ian_Roberts -- I should clarify, I meant contacts for speakers, not everyone attending in case that's what I'd implied! Cheers.