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Hi from Herefordshire

New Contributor

Hi All,

Tim from Herefordshire Council (Hoople Ltd), just starting on the govservice journey and starting the migration process this week.  Integrating with Civica Flare and Confirm will be the main piece for us to start with but looking forward to having the opportunity of improving many services and processes. 


If anyone has any experience of these integrations and willing to share, then please get in touch ... once we are up and running happy to share experiences.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Tim,


Glad to have you join us here in govCommunity. There is a pretty active group of UK and Ireland customers that you may want to join.




Thanks for the welcome - I have already joined the UK and Ireland group and once past our training stage will be contributing in there along with the others in the Herefordshire team.  Looking forward to using the product as it seems to be a large step forward in what we currently have and are able to develop. 

New Contributor II

Hi Tim

we are also working on integration with Flare but it has been a very slow process....we have a technical sessions planned in with Civica and Granicus on Friday 1st July to discuss further.


Have you made any progress?