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You've signed up, now what?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Here are some tried and true best practices for interacting with govCommunity.


  1. Set up your profile & say hello! 


Set up your govCommunity profile. Adding name, contact information, and a picture (such as a LinkedIn headshot) while not required, will personalize the govCommunity experience. Say hello here in the “Welcome to the Community” forum and start making connections with the community. 


  1. Ask a question. 


The best way to make connections is to ask a question in theProduct Questionsor “Community Groupsarea.  With the breadth of government experience in our community, users will likely find a fellow member with an answer. Search to see if a peer has previously asked a similar question. Then just reply or start a new thread. 


  1. Highlight work. 


Have organizational work to share? It takes a lot of work to get a communications plan (or other project) together and up and running. If you want to share product-related best practices, go to our "Best Practices" area. Sharing screenshots of recent projects not only showcases how Granicus products create solutions but can also inspire or help fellow users. 


  1. Be social. 


Browse govCommunity forums, ask questions, or answer them, and network with peers.  


  1. Share your feedback. 


Is there something you believe govCommunity is missing or could make it better for all members? Send an email to with your idea – all are welcome!