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CaseViewer Permissions

Changemaker II

Within Dashboard we are currently able to set-up additional tabs (assigned to a specific Permission Group) and then anyone in that Permission group can access the tab. Within that tab, they can see and action all the cases for a specific process no matter who the individual tasks may be allocated to.


  • We have a Dashboard tab named ‘Admin Overview’ and this will show all Open and Closed stages for our ‘Contact US’ (Complaints) Process and our FOI Process.
  • This tab will be used by our Information Officers and some Senior Complaints Officers who need access to all Complaints and FOI’s and need the ability to process an open task for any case reference.
  • This is possible in Dashboard using the tabs functionality – when configuring a tab there is the ‘Allow Fill’ setting in the ‘Settings’ option and this allows the user to select ‘Continue’ as well as ‘View’ for an open task.

With CaseViewer it seems that, in order to be offered the ‘Continue’ option for an open task, you have to be a member of the permission group that the task is currently assigned to.

Because we have 100s of Complaint permission groups and FOI permission groups this would mean each Information Officer and senior Complaints officer would need to be a member of every permission group. Then their standard Open cases view would be full of every open Complaint and FOI and every time a notification email is sent for any Complaint or FOI they would get the email.