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Approaches to a warning about LiveManager?


Hi all,


I am wondering: are other users seeing the following warning for LiveManager, and if so, what--if anything--are you doing about it?



I've been in touch with support about this, but I won't get into that right now. I'm curious to know if others are seeing the warning and what you're doing about it, if anything. Other details about the matter are below for reference, if needed.



  1. Using Microsoft Edge, visit the page for an encoder to start LiveManager.

  2. Select Open LiveManager.


  3. Select Open. That should attempt to run a ClickOnce app for LiveManager.


  4. Wait a moment.


  5.  You may or may not see this Security Warning window. If you do, notice that it says Unknown Publisher. Otherwise, you may see the SmartScreen Warning in step eight further below.


  6. If you did get the Security Warning window, select Run.


  7. You may briefly see a window showing the download progress.


  8. On Windows 10, if SmartScreen for Edge is enabled, you may get a security warning, and depending on your SmartScreen settings, you will either A) have the choice of selecting between Run anyway and Don't run, or B) you will only have the option Don't run. My question is: are others getting this warning, and if so, what are you doing about that?

  9. In my environment, the only option is Don't run because of Unknown publisher, and Unknown publisher is because there is a certificate that was used to sign both the LiveManager ClickOnce app and the file LiveManager.exe within it, but that certificate expired some months ago.

  10. For reference, this is how you get to SmartScreen settingsWindows Security > App & browser control > SmartScreen.