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Preserving Communities: Public Engagement and Short-Term Rental Compliance

Community Manager
Community Manager

Join us for the Preserving Communities: Public Engagement and Short-Term Rental Compliance webinar on Thursday, February 23 (12-12:30 p.m. ET) and then come back here to continue the conversation on this thread!


Community engagement is a critical prerequisite for any successful short-term rental (STR) program. By engaging the community first, you can ensure your STR policies align with community goals. Explore how Host Compliance and EngagementHQ can go beyond the typical short-term rental regulation process to get meaningful feedback from more stakeholders and transitioning these discussions to an online platform you can moderate.


Topics covered include:

  • How to identify, monitor, and collect revenue from STRs operating in your community
  • Public engagement tools to inform short-term rental regulations
  • STR programs focused on operational efficiency
  • Data- and AI-driven short-term rental compliance solutions