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Changemaker II

Completely in agreement with this! Unfortunately Granicus is aware of our issues with repeatable subforms and in my experience frankly aren't being overly quick or helpful with support at present (citing support charges at every support juncture... even to identify and fix an issue on their end). 
We are using an API to pull numerous questions to create a booking form, effectively, automatically. To do that, we need to use subforms and for each question and answer within that subform to be identifiable except, when you do that, the data name for both stays the same over each iteration.

Example: I have a repeatable subform calling an API lookup for the question. Within the subform, using the question ID, I call another lookup on a dropdown for the options that are available for that question.
These are both given the data names "question" and "answer", but so is every other one repeated after it. There is no way to give it a number, i.e. question1, answer1, question 2, etc. for each iteration... Why? 

Also, Granicus what is with your support articles having videos that aren't available and links leading to the old pages? 
Introduction to Subforms | Granicus Support
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