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Error creating new Sharepoint API registrations

Hello, Is anyone else experiencing an issue with newly registered Sharepoint apps when it comes to the Granicus API integration? Historic ones are still working but for any new ones we are getting the following error code: {"error":{"code":"-21470248...

JackLowe by Changemaker
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Loop count for af:repeat

Hi all, I wonder if any of you have come to a definitive conclusion about the following that I've deployed within a process.The process generates a PDF report, based on the elements and comments that have been selected. Within each section, there is ...

Pest control - govService

As LB Hounslow starts its govService journey I'm curious to understand if anyone has built out a pest control process with online booking and payments. I feel for our pest control officer who is handling all requests by email and thinking that collea...

TonjJ by Changemaker II
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Resolved! Progress bar

Hi,has anyone made a dynamic progress bar you can drop into a form?I've been looking at it and can find out how many tabs there are in a form and how many are complete but thought I'd check if anyone's already done it before I pull my hair out trying...

Resolved! Repeatable subform content in an html field

Hi, We are just starting out with GovService and have a question about whether this is possible? If a form contains a repeatable subform from a lookup integration is it possible to iterate through the returned rows in an html field for further custom...

RichG_MDDC by Changemaker III
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Hi, wanting to know what your thoughts are on Real-Time reporting, and if you don't use it what have you implemented in place of the datadump. Thanks

Sefton22 by Changemaker
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CaseViewer Permissions

Within Dashboard we are currently able to set-up additional tabs (assigned to a specific Permission Group) and then anyone in that Permission group can access the tab. Within that tab, they can see and action all the cases for a specific process no m...

Tables / Matrix on Forms

Hello All, Just wondering if anybody has done anything on tables / Matrices within Forms Designer? I would like to be able to present a table to users to complete similar to the one below rather than having to have separate fields displayed one benea...

Riri by Changemaker III
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String capitalisation

Hi all,I wonder if anyone has a simple solution for the following. I've found what I think are parts of the answer, but nothing that leads me to a full implementation.I have some text being returned from a db lookup and it's all in capitals. I want t...

Uploads to Sharepoint? Has anyone got it working?

Hi everyone, I have followed the setting up a Sharepoint integration and, as far as the integration is concerned, it appears to be working fine - the integration logs are showi...

Update address form in Self account

We are trying to create a custom address change form for Self account users. We have been using the update profile integration to first add an end date to the current address, then create a new address record. This works perfectly the first time a cu...

Repeatable Nested Subform in PDF integration

Good afternoon all.I have a process that allows for bulk approval. Im having difficulty creating a PDF integration with a page per record approved - as the bulk approval has nested subform. eg subform 1 is a record per employee, each record then has ...

fmcgovern by Changemaker
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FillTask appending to a field

Hi,Is it possible to append a value from a FillTask integration onto the end of a field? For example, a payload a bit like this:{ "case_id": "{caseReference}", "stage_name": "{stageName}", "data": { "textField": "{textField current value} and append ...

Case Viewer issues

We have had an issue with CaseViewer for over a week now. We have been rolling it out to some users and so are parallel running with Dashboard and noticed a discrepancy between the two system. We have reported this to Granicus but just wondered if an...

Resolved! Where can I find Documentation?

Hi, Where can I find documentation on how to do advanced customisations with govService? Example: how to apply branding i.e. html, css, how to interface with other websites using APIs, examples of rules? I couldn't find tutorials / examples via googl...

cf by Changemaker
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govService Form Analytics

Hi all, After working with govService for some time now, I noticed there is one key feature missing - the ability to tracking form interaction, impressions and conversion. I found that traditional analytic tools (google analytics) are a little compli...

wfMike by Changemaker
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Granicus University Webinars

Granicus University is a series of product-specific webinars that cover standard workflows, recent releases, tools, tips, and tricks to help you get more out of your Granicus products. You can sign up for upcoming webinars and watch past recorded web...

bweninger by Granicus Employee
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Repeatable subforms.. is it time for V2?

At Waltham Forest, we are heavy users of repeatable subforms. Whether it’s capturing data about people living in a household, returning information about waste and recycling collections at a property, or allowing customers to add chargeable products ...